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Games Programming with Godot

Games programming with Godot is comparatively easy for beginners, yet offers opportunity for developing rich and complex games.

The Godot Game Engine  (website here) is a popular, free, and versatile platform for 2D and 3D game development.

Getting Started

Download the latest version for the operating system and development platform of your choice. Versions for Linux, Mac OS, Windows, and Linux Server are available.  

Online documentation is available from the Godot Engine developer. The link is to the stable version. Other versions are available; be sure to match the documentation used to the version installed when developing your project. 

Learning to Program Games

Thanks to Burney Waring, the RabbitHole includes a series of introductory lessons in game development with Godot.

  1. Godot App Building –  Lesson 1 – introduces basic concepts while building a simple calculator.
  2. Godot App Building –  Lesson 2  – Making the app look better;  Exporting
  3. Godot App Building – Lesson 3 – Drawing and Instancing Scenes 
  4. Godot App Building – Lesson 4 – Reading and Writing Files, Animation Using a Timer, Debugging
  5. Godot App Building – Lesson 5 – Reusability, Changing Scene