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Information for this web site comes from a number of sources. We have a number of media resources, magazines, books, and documents listed in our Resource Library and invite you to browse them.

We’ve also provided hot links from relevant pages directly to Internet sources, which we hope will remain active, but acknowledge that ‘deadlinks’ are problem with any website, and especially one on the fast moving topic of information technology and computers. We continue to root out deadlinks and include a suitable source reference in our own library when we find them. 

Use of ChatGPT

The RabbitHole website started before the release of ChatGPT by OpenAI, Since ChatGPT’s release various contributors to the site have monitored ChatGPT’s growth and the discussions of its use in academia and industry for god and ill. 

Full disclosure: as we pushed to provide a better experience on our site, we developed the initial text for some of the pages using ChatGPT, with prompts that we tailored to the information we sought to provide. We have not accepted the responses blindly, but have tailored and edited them further to our liking and for accuracy. Pages where we have used ChatGPT (or other generative AI) are noted with a disclaimer that includes the prompt or prompts used.