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Using the Raspberry Pi Camera


Camera Module Options

The 8-megapixel Raspberry Pi Camera V2.1 is one of a number of camera modules introduced by the Raspberry Pi Foundation since 2013 with versions of 5 megapixels (version 1), 8 megapixels (version 2) and 12.3 megapixels (version 3), in standard or infrared vision. The RabbitHole has several of the 8-megapixel cameras used in vision projects.  All have the same nominal form factor, differing mainly in sensor type and and software support.

Connecting the Camera

The camera connects to the Raspberry Pi (all models) using a flat ribbon cable supplied (in a choice of two lengths) with the camera. Installation is straightforward if you follow the instructions.

Camera Software Support

 Camera support directly from the Linux/RaspberryPi OS is provided by the libcamera library and suite of applications. Follow the link for details of the range of features available. 

Camera Software Installation  

Detailed installation instructions are available here