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Robot Buggy – Component Wiring

RaspberryPi General-Purpose Input-Output Interfaces

RaspberryPiZeroW-GPIO Pinout Diagram


Component wiring for the Robot Buggy is straightforward; the number of components is small. Wiring amongst the battery holders, Dual H-Bridge, motors, and RaspberryPi Zero W is shown in the schematic and pictorial diagrams.

RPi Zero Pins
  • GPIO 7 (pin 26)  – Left motor control, Input 1
  • GPIO 8 (pin 24) – Left motor control, Input 2
  • GPIO 9 (pin 21) – Right motor, Input 3
  • GPIO 10 (pin 19) – Right motor, Input 4 

Motor control function and direction by the RaspberryPi software turns the GPIO pins on or off in accordance with the L289N motor-direction control logic defined in the table below. 

L298N Motor Direction Control Logic

Input1 (or Input 3)

Input2 (or Input 4)Spinning Direction
Low(0)Low(0)Motor OFF
High(1)High(1)Motor OFF


Careful attention must be paid when wiring to preclude damage to sensitive electronic components.