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Pico 4WD Car – Unboxing and Assembly

The SunFounder Pico FWD Car is packaged well with one sheet of instructions, and two boxes of components; sensitive electronics is packaged in conductive film to protect them from electro-static discharge. 

We had no issue with parts quality or quantity.  We had all the parts listed for the kit in the package, and no breakage. 

As with any electronic assembly, it should be done in a static free environment … if available, spread the parts on a conductive surface; the conductive packing material is ideal for this, and we at The RabbitHole save such material over time to ensure we a conductive environment for any new build. The usual instruction to ground your body by touching a water piper or other metal object before opening the packages apply. 

We did note some issues during the build and test, for which we offer some cautions.