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IoT – The Internet Of Things

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Imagine if almost everything around you, like your watch, fridge, or lamp, could talk to the internet and to each other. That’s what the Internet of Things, or IoT for short, is all about! It’s like giving everyday items a way to chat with each other and make smart decisions. So, your fridge might let you know when you’re running out of milk or your lamp could turn on when the sun sets.

How is IoT Built?

Think of IoT like a big sandwich. The bottom slice is all the gadgets, like thermostats or smart speakers, that collect information. They then send this info over the internet, which is like the middle of the sandwich. Finally, on the top slice, we have places that store and understand this info, helping apps on your phone or computer make cool decisions!

What’s the Deal with Robots and IoT?

Now, robots are super special in this IoT world. Why? Because they don’t just collect info; they act on it too! Imagine a robot in a toy factory. It could get info from other machines and then decide to speed up or slow down. Or, at home, you might have a robot vacuum that cleans extra when it knows you’ve had a party. As our tech gets even smarter, robots will be able to learn and team up with other gadgets, making our lives even cooler and more futuristic!


IoT Programming with Node.js –  Developing a Web-based Remote control Server for the Robot Buggy.

NOTE: This page originated as, and has been adapted from, text provided by ChatGPT 4 by OpenAI in response to the following prompts:

  • ”As a website author of a page introducing computer and control concepts, provide two paragraphs describing the concept and structure of the Internet Of Things”


  • “Provide some additional text on the role of Robotics in IoT.”


The responses were considered accurate and suitable for use as is, and then further adapted  for relevant topics on this site, with added links to external reference materials.
– dgkallgren