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Versatile Learning Space

The Rabbit Hole is a long term project to support learning through creativity, exploration, discovery. We have networked computers (some hosting this web site), RaspberryPi 400 computers available for residents of all ages to learn computer skills, and low-end micro-controllers for hardware and internet projects in robotics and the Internet of Things. 

For new explorers, Basic modules for STEM Challenges introduce ideas for play in architecture, materials, and art.

Classes are hosted in person at The Alliance in Siler City and various sites in the Chatham County when announced. And we hope you find The RabbitHole a useful virtual space to learn, play, and develop projects of your own. 

Our Goal – A Flexible Maker Space

The Rabbit Hole seeks to support creativity, exploration, discovery, and prototyping in a versatile workspace focusing on computer technology and automated manufacturing. Stay tuned as we work to make our vision a reality. 

About Our Name

Why “The RabbitHole”?

Well, Siler City and the County have a history with rabbits, the well known (we hope) Chatham Rabbits (the animal not the popular musical group).

And who hasn’t heard the slang phrase “went down the rabbit hole” in reference to some activity in which they became totally engaged to the exclusion of all else.

Both of those informed our choice of name. But we also chose it for the adventure and wonder of exploring technology and new ideas, in the sense of “Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland”, Lewis Carroll’s 1885 story from which the slang “went down the rabbit hole” derives. The book is credited as helping end the Victorian era of literal instruction in children’s writing, inaugurating an era in which writing for children aimed to “delight or entertain”. For all ages and experience we certainly hope to bring our exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) activities the same delight and entertainment it has brought us through the years. 

So take your pick or all three: our name is about history, intense involvement, and exploration with delight and wonder. We hope you enjoy your visit to return time and again.