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A Shared Resource

Computer workstations and laptops for instruction and activity in computer-aided project design, development, modeling, and manufacturing; these systems form the core of the Maker Space shared design, computation and control capability, as well as providing instructional platforms in systems administration and networking using Windows, Linux, and MacOS. 

Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) applications are offered for instruction and prototyping using 3D printers and computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines for engraving or milling.

Integrated development environments (IDE) for instruction and software development in a variety of programming languages for computers and programmable interface controllers, focusing on embedded compute systems such as RaspberryPi and Arduino. IDE include Microsoft Virtual Studio Community Edition, 

Re-usable prototyping materials for design and project development; these will be varied, but include programmable embedded systems (e.g., RaspberryPi and Arduino) and components to interfaces to them (e.g., displays, sensors, motors, and actuators).

Consumable materials will be provided for initial startup. Replacement will be through volunteer donations or purchased using grants from the community when available. Users whose projects required large material quantities will be asked to contribute to their replacement. 

Software and applications will be drawn largely from the Open-Source community and suppliers of no-cost versions of their applications for student or non-commercial use. These provide opportunity for users to explore and develop marketable skill levels with cutting edge software, including, Linux, Microsoft Visual Studio Code, Arduino IDE, Autodesk Fusion, and Eagle.